One of the most sensitive and important investigations one can undertake  is the family involved ones. Whether it be a cheating spouse or significant other or a matter of child custody and malfeasance on the part of the custodial parent. 
 At Kulls Investigative Services, we strive to handle these sensitive topics with solid investigation and some TLC to our clients.  Call us today to start you on the path of empowerment. 
Lost a loved one? In search of a long lost friend? Have a run-away child?
At Kulls Investigative Services, we spare no quarter in skiptracing the missing. Call us today to see if we can help!
Have an online love interest, but feel something isn't just right? Are you being "catfished?"
At Kulls Investigative Services, we will find out if your this person is who they are claiming to be. Call us today to get started in making sure your heart and financial interests are protected!
Are your children being safe on the internet? Are they spending hours on a chat program talking to a stranger on the internet? 
At Kulls Investigative Services, we make your child's safety our number one concern. Call today to speak with us on how we can protect your child in the cyber-world. 
Are you being stalked either in the real world or online? 
At Kulls Investigative Services, we have your back and excel in counter-surveillance. Give us a call to help us, help you stop the harassment. 
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